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My Personal Mission

My Personal Mission is to help people to realize their full potential and live lives that they love, all the while traveling the world doing the things I love to do with people I love.

My vision is to make such a profound difference to humanity that my contribution is recognized by winning a Nobel Prize.

My Story

As I teenager, I had a dream of one day becoming a rock star. By age 16, I had to choose whether I was going to get a 'proper' job or follow my passion for music. A proper job meant job security and the probability of a stable middle of the road life.

I was haunted by the thought of reaching the end of my life and not having followed my dream, so I chose being a rock star over an electrical engineering career and thus began my designer life.

My musical career was definitely not plain sailing, but by 2002 I had penned a song that went to #1 on the charts and stayed there for 6 weeks running.

In my early twenties, I was given a book called 'Mind Power' by John Kehoe. After excitedly devouring it, I decided to test if Kehoe's methods of using the mind to create reality actually worked in real life...

I found my first experiment in the local Top40 music magazine, where I noticed a competition to win a beautiful Fender Stratocaster guitar autographed by the rock band 'Live'.

For weeks I drove around following Kehoe's instructions - shouting affirmations to myself in my car like a lunatic, imagining my phone ringing and someone from the magazine telling me that I had won this beautiful prized guitar. Well, less than a month later, I did get that phone call and I won my dream guitar! It seemed that this Mind Power stuff really worked!

Over the next 10 years, I manifested:

  • writing a song that went to #1 on the charts,
  • being interviewed on the front page of the largest newspaper in my province,
  • a six month adventure living in an African township (read the BBC article),
  • one month riding motorcycles through India to raise money for Indian orphans,
  • owning the recording studio of my dreams,
  • buying my dream house in London,
  • several motorcycles including my favorite Benelli Tornado,
  • being flown all around the world to speak, teach and train,
  • two successful businesses,
  • living on a beach on an island in the Caribbean,
  • and so much more it would take pages to fill.

I am not sharing this with you to impress you, but rather to impress upon you what is possible when you know how to use your mind properly.

My hobbies:

I spend my spare time (does such a concept really exist when you live a Designer Life?) , motorcycling, kitesurfing, traveling, working out, learning and building my business.

I currently live on Cabarete beach in the Dominican Republic where I can kitesurf daily.

Get in touch:

If you would like a personal one-on-one training session with me to create your Designer Life, get in touch with me here.

Have a miraculous life.


Bruce Muzik

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    Bruce Muzik
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     Bruce Muzik performing live
    Playing the Fender Strat I attracted after reading 'Mind Power'.

    Jerusha and I wrote a hit that stayed at no.1 on the charts for
    six weeks.
    Download RU The One here.

    My favorite sport - windsurfing.
    This is me in Dahab, Egypt.

    Me on my Benelli Tornado Tre that I manifested only 6 months after placing it on my vision board
    Me on my Benelli Tornado Tre that I manifested only 6 months after placing it on my vision board.

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