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Universal Laws Of Attraction - The Four That Count?

This morning, I was doing some research and I Googled "universal laws of attraction." The results were quite entertaining...

Since 'the secret law of attraction' was popularized by the movie The Secret, it seems that every man and his dog has made up some new 'law' to suit his needs. E.g. The Law Of Cosmic Vibration (chuckle...)

I'm taking the mickey out of these laws because I can't imagine ever seeing them written in a scientific text.

However, I do know of a few universal laws and principles that have really helped me understand how the attraction process works, so I thought I'd join in the fun and create my own Universal Laws Of Attraction greatest hits list for you.

Coming in 4th place we have...

Universal Law #4: Law Of Attraction / Vibration

Loosely Defined: You attract what you think you deserve.
Attraction Application: Use creative visualization techniques regularly to build your self belief and you'll begin to attract the success you desire.

Universal Law #3: Law Of Least Effort

Loosely Defined: A path of least resistance is the most efficient route to achieving success.
Attraction Application: Focus on doing the things that bring you joy and using your natural talents.

Universal Law #2: The Law Of Causality

Loosely Defined: Every Cause has an Effect. Every Action produces a Result.
Attraction Application: Take massive action and you'll get massive results.

Universal Law #1: The Law Of Polarity

Loosely Defined: Everything has a complimentary opposite - up has down - black has white.
Attraction Application: As long as you strive for Happiness, you'll always attract Sadness.
Be grateful for both sides and you'll find yourself moving off the rollercoaster of life and into the fast lane (a world of equilibrium, without upset). Thanks to John DeMartini (from The Secret) for teaching me this one.

These are my top 4 attraction laws that I would consider 'universal laws of attraction.'

The Law Of Attraction - How long does it take to see results?

If you are not seeing results as fast as you would like, look at each of the three laws above and determine which one you are not following.

Here are some questions to help you:

Law Of Attraction / Vibration: Are you finding it hard to stay positive about reaching your goals? If so, begin using creative visualization techniques to help reprogram your mind to think positively on autopilot.

Law Of Least Effort: Does your life feel like hard work? Ask yourself this "Is there another, more effortless, way you could possibly accomplish this goal. How have other successful people done what I am wanting to do?"

The Law Of Causality: Are you taking massive action? If not, you'll keep getting the same outcome over and over again until you die! Seriously%u2026 Action precedes attrAction.

The Law Of Polarity: Is your life an emotional rollercoaster? Take 2 minutes each morning and evening to get yourself to a place where you are grateful for everything in your life, just the way it is. You'll begin to notice new opportunities showing up.

If you use these four simple universal laws of attraction, soon you'll find yourself moving less and attracting more.

I've been living my life according to these principles (as best I can) and I've never been happier, healthier or wealthier. If you stay aware of these laws, you'll think differently, act differently and ultimately get very different results - fast!

Try them - they work for everyone and they're free.

Want to learn more about the Law Of Attraction and Visualization?

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