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Interviews With Bruce Muzik

 Video interviews with Bruce

On 'going with the flow'

In this video, I share about:
  • why positive thinking never works to get new results
  • why we repeat our past over and over again
  • the real source of your thoughts
  • a false belief that limits most of us
  • the 'trick' to living an Effortless Life
  • quick fixes and hard work

Provided courtesy of the television show 'The Power Within'

On 'creating a life that you love'

In this video, I share about:
  • the power of taking responsibility
  • creating a NEW life with NEW results
  • the difference between reacting and responding to life
  • how your choices create your results

Provided courtesy of the television show 'The Power Within'

On living in a black African ghetto for 6 months

In 2003 I spent 6 months living in an black African ghetto (township) as the only white man among its 100,000 residents.

In this video I tell the ENTIRE story that led me to moving to Guguletu and how it radically changed my life and the lives of my new found community.

This story has now been published in the book called Thank God I under the title 'Thank God I Was A Racist.'

Get a cup of tea, sit back, relax and enjoy...

 Written interviews with Bruce
 Me on the front cover of The Argus newspaper

More to come soon...

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