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 17 February 2009

Bruce Muzik To Mentor At XL's Entrepreneur Business School in Bali In March.

EBSRoger Hamilton, CEO of XL Results Foundation, today invited Bruce to be a part of the mentor panel of judges at the prestigious Entrepreneur Business School (EBS). The event takes place from 27 - 31 March 2009 in Bali, Indonesia.

Over four action-packed days the participants will:

  • Learn how to expand your business into different countries
  • Be mentored by an inspiring group of successful entrepreneurs
  • Be involved in the actual transformation of businesses in the ‘EBS Bali Challenge’
  • Learn how to attract, identify and lead the right team to success
  • Witness the effect of key success formulas in real-life situations
  • Network and partner with like-minded entrepreneurial individuals

The Mentor Panel, made up of experienced entrepreneurs and experts, is responsible for the shortlisting of 16 ventures from all business plan submissions prior to EBS. During the program, Bruce and other mentors will provide advice, inspiration and guidance to the various teams. Each mentor has been selected for the extensive experience that they will bring to the event.

 14 January 2009

Bruce Muzik Invited To Speak At Dr. Joe Vitale's Attract Wealth Seminar.

Bruce Muzik and Dr. Joe Vitale
Bruce Muzik and Dr. Joe Vitale at the Attract Wealth Seminar.

Bruce was recently invited my teacher from "The Secret", Dr. Joe Vitale (aka. Mr Fire) to speak as a special guest at his Attract Wealth seminar.

Feedback from the participants afterwards was that Bruce's talk was one of the most entertaining and life changing of the day.

 14 December 2009

'Thank God I' Book Reaches #1 On Amazon.com...

In 2003, Bruce spent 6 months living as the only white man amongst 100,000 black Africans in a ghetto outside Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2007, Bruce set a goal to have his story published and just SIX months later he received a call from a book publisher requesting that Bruce submit his story for publication in a book of gratitude stories.

Now, in 2008, the "Thank God I" book and Bruce's story "Thank God I Was A Racist" have reached #1 position of Amazon.com not once, but twice.

Listen to Bruce being interviewed about his extraordinary experience in the ghetto.

Thank God I at #1 on Amazon.com


 10 September 2008

 Designer Life Founder, Runner Up In Extraordinary Lives Award

In a press release from Singapore, the XL Foundation announced today that Designer Life founder, Bruce Muzik, is the official runner up in their top Extraordinary Lives award, coming second only to philosopher guru, Dr John Demartini.

Bruce Muzik"It's a great honor and recognition for me to have been recognized in this way by the XL Foundation" says Muzik who leads seminars worldwide helping people become more successful.

The XL Extraordinary Lives Award is presented to one of XL’s 3000 Members from around the world that has been an inspiration to others and who has contributed back to society in a meaningful way.

The Award, which was introduced last year, has its winner determined by XL Results Foundation Members who vote for the individual that they feel most deserves to be recognized. Paul Dunn – the Australian speaker and philanthropist – was the inaugural winner in 2007.

The winner, Dr John Demartini is a world leading behavioral expert, speaker and author at the
forefront of the personal and professional development industry.

 03 September 2008

Designer Life Releases NEW "Wealth Programming Recording"

Relaxation For WealthReprogram your mind to attract wealth in just minutes a day with the "Relaxation For Wealth".

The Relaxation For Wealth follows the groundbreaking Relaxation For Manifestation in Designer Life's series of Mind Programming products.

The Relaxation For Wealth is designed to solve the TWO primary problems that most people face with the inner game of attracting wealth:

  1. Limiting subconscious beliefs about money
  2. Poor Self Image

"By reprogramming your mind with empowering beliefs about money and with a strong sense of self, you can begin attracting wealth into your life" says Designer Life's founder, Bruce Muzik.

Find out more >>>

 01 August 2008

 Bruce Muzik Nominated For
XL Foundation's Top Accolade

The XL Results Foundation announced its 100 nominees for their annual Extraordinary Lives award.

The nominees were chosen from XL's 3000 strong Life Members as people who have been an inspiration to others and who has contributed back to society in a meaningful way.

Bruce MuzikAmong them, is South African born Bruce Muzik, founder of Designer Life.

"This (the nomination) was a total surprise to me and I feel flattered that the XL's Life Members feel that I have contributed in a way that warrants this nomination" says Muzik from his home in London.

The winner will be announced on 10/09/2008.

About XL
The XL Results Foundation is the world’s leading entrepreneur and social enterprise
network. XL stands for Extraordinary Lives and its mission is to accelerate the power of
individuals to create and contribute. This it does by providing effective training,
networking and resources worldwide. Hosting over 2000 events in 50 cities in 2008, XL
provides coaching accreditation, online networks and the XL Results Foundation - a
global membership program. The company provides tools for entrepreneurs which
include Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Experience, Entrepreneur Business School,
XL Magazine and the XL Social Enterprise Accreditation Program.

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